Where are you?

Having a Social Media presence is a great start, however having your own website is being 100% autonomous. People spend more time online than they do in real life unfortunately. They might not find you through all the different social media sites, but thy can always find you here, at your website.

Stayin’ Alive

Let’s keep the website fresh with your blog! Stay relevant, keep it moving, always feed the website with fresh news. You know you are staying busy, show it to the world, so they know they are dealing with someone who has passion about what they do!

Media Pairing

There are so many different social platforms, it’s quite tiring to keep up with them all. But I can help you by mirroring your posts into your different accounts. Type it once and let it appear automatically everywhere! 

Content is King

Repeat after me: Constant and Consistent Content Creation Capitalizes on Connected Client Consumption. Crazy right? I´m saying that studies show that Content keeps being the most important thing for people. They need to know that you know! And we can help create content to keep your clients coming back consistently!

Our Development Plan

Step 1 - CALL ME

Let's have a talk

The most important way to start our mission is with a direct and clear communication between you, the dreamer, and I, the developer. One simple phone call gets the ball rolling.

Step 2 - DATA

Documents and Data

This is your site, so it should have your info, your words and your intentions. This is homework for you, and although it may seem like quite the task, the good news is that you can ALWAYS perfect it.

Step 3 - UPDATES

Web and Text Edits

You have my email. Send me weekly edits. Go through your website and make a list of things you'd like changed, things you'd like to add, ideas. And we will tweak & perfect your website. 

Step 4 - GROW

Never Stop Growing

You keep learning and technology keeps improving, why would you want your website to stagnate into internet oblivion? I am not afraid of trying any new technology, so don't be afraid to ask me!

Solutions Remove Doubts

I am proud in having the word ‘Solutions’ in the company name is because I want people to know that even though problems to arise, we will find the proper solutions to each one.


Making a website means a lot of preparation, minutia, formulation, details, planning , items, thinking, imagining and, unfortunately, homework!
Does this seem overwhelming.
Do NOT worry. I've got a process.

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These prices are markers.
Fees can be modified if you would like to include different variations,
additional plug-ins and/or template changes.


Multiple Pages



✓ Pic & Bio

✓ Description of Business

✓ Photo Gallery

✓ Contact Form

✓ Booking Form With Calendarization

✓ Tailor Your Website

✓  Monthly Updates for One Year

✓ DoD Library

✓ DoD Affiliate Store

✓ Blog Set-Up

✓ Video Embedding

Professional Practitioner

Starting at


Includes all Previous Content and also:

✓ Weekly Content Update

✓ Cross Social Platform Marketing

✓ E-Commerce Setup


Before you get a website, you need a Domain.  Your Domain will be your online-address. Will your domain be your company name? your personal name? Let’s figure this out!
Then you need a place to prop up your website, and this is called Hosting. I can host your site, or I can help you host and own your own. When I host your domain and website, I can guarantee Spam Controlled emails, a Security Sockets Layer Certificate which will permit people to safely go onto your site and 24 hr technical service. 

Free Domain
DDoS protection Daily backup
Wildcard SSL

3, 2, 1 WE GOT THIS!!

YOUR NEW LIFE starts with this first contact.

If you are reading this, then you have arrived at the beginning of  our journey together. 

Take your first step, I’ll help you with your second

If you prefer to call me or email me directly, please do so!

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+1 250 212 3371

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